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Want to start your blogging?

December 15th, 2007 Tyushkov Nikolay

It’s a good deal! Start it immediately and you will get a lot of useful experience:)

You need some basic knowledge to avoid all traps. The best way to get such basis is reading what other people write about blogging . There are a lot of blog experts in the net who sometimes write own secrets or just useful articles.

First of all you should choose right tools for your first blog. Use free service like blogger or Or maybe buy own hosting and install standalone WordPress blog engine? In second case you should pay for hosting and learn some new stuff, but you will get a lot of advantages like full control over your blog and much more flexibility. Also having own website is  cool, really 🙂 So, I suggest you read this article about choosing right tools for your blogging needs.

Second that you should do is to make nice interface for your blog, so visitors should not close browser immediately after look at your page. So read this tips on Good User Interface design and make you blog user-friendly.


After interface, you should set eyes on plugin, if your blog engine supports it (wordpress supports!). I’ll write about userful plugins in next posts, so be sure you already subscribed to my rss🙂

P.S. And certainly I recommend to use a free Blogspreading utility to spread your blog!

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