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Command line options

November 16th, 2007 Tyushkov Nikolay Posted in BlogSpreading Utility

You can use Blogspreading running with command line parameters. When you install Blogspreading on your PC, installation application creates three shortcuts in Start menu:

  • Blogspreading – run as usual, GUI mode.
  • Command Line Mode – Will start Blogspreading in command line mode without GUI (““). Aplication will update the signature template and show message when done.
  • Quiet Mode – This mode requires no user intervention and has no user interface. Update signature template without any message if it was done successfully (“-q“), but notify about error (if any).

Blogspreading supports the following list of parameters:

  • -h, –help – Describe command line options.
  • -c, –cmd – Run in command line mode without displaying user interface.
  • -q, –quite – Silent mode: don’t display user interface and don’t display success message.
  • -l, –local – Use the configuration file and all other data from the current folder.


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