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10 Steps to New Blog Success

December 17th, 2007 Tyushkov Nikolay Posted in blogging tips

1) Start a blog on your favorite topic, else you will always run out of content. 2) First write down 10 blog posts off-line and see how you are doing. If you find difficulty to write enough content on that topic, then try to write on some other topic. The best think to do is, first read some blogs on that particular topic. Do some research, search for blogs on that topic and see what others are doing. Then don’t just copy other blogs, but understand that topic properly. After that you will find it easy to write more on that particular topic.

3) Choose a blogging platform. For blogs I always prefer wordpress, a self-hosted wordpress is the best option for blogging. This is a blog running on wordpress.

4) Don’t start a blog with one or two entries. At-least make 10 posts on the blog’s launch day. A blog with some decent content always makes a good impression. If you do this, then you will have nice readers from the first day of the launch.

5) Content is king, so make nice content. Check for grammatical and spellings errors off line, before publishing the blog. Good content brings natural links, so it is always advised to write properly. If you are not good at writing, then hire a writer. Pay someone who writes well.

6) The next step is to add the feeds. Check out feed burner and get your feeds running. You can see on the left sidebars, I have the feed subscription buttons placed there.

7) Try the blog top sites. This is a good way to show the world how popular your blog is. This also brings some traffic. Check out my blogs ranks on the top sites, the ranks are visible on the sidebar.

8) Promote your blog with the power of social bookmarking. To start with, join technorati, it’s a blog search engine, and it is huge. Then try it is another social bookmarking website which gives a lot of traffic. There are a few more like this, digg, stumbleupon, reddit etc, I will make another post for this topic, let’s not get too deep into this here.

9) Frequently visit blogs of your niche, even subscribe to it. When ever you see a new post, read it properly and give a good comment on it. Don’t post spam comments; make a nice comment that gets accepted. Some blogs are no-follow and some are not. But remember the no-follow is only for Google and there is msn and yahoo also for the search. This step can help you get a lot of targeted readers apart from the link popularity. You can even give blogroll links to a few of the good blogs that you regularly visit.

10) Try to post regularly, if you don’t post for sometime long, then you will lose a lot of subscription and regular readers. Blogging is a passion, don’t just blog for the shake of it.

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