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BlogSpreading: Spread your blog around the world

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BlogSpreading is a small utility, which automatically appends a link to the latest post in your blog to your e-mail signature. This will easily catch the recipients’ interest and convert them to the readers of your blog. Make a web of links to your posts and you will get a lot of new readers.

BlogSpreading: Spread your blog around the world

Almost all mail clients allow automatic adding of a signature to outgoing letters. The signature template is stored in an external text file. BlogSpreading processes this file in such a way that it always contains a link to the latest post in your blog. If you use an e-mail signature, it most probably contains your name and a link to your blog. People who read your letters of course see this link. But why do you think that they will be interested in something like “my blog –“? This is a dry, boring, absolutely uninteresting line, which most people automatically skip.

BlogSpreading will make your signature live. A good title will surely interest more people than a blind url. Let them discover that there is something interesting in your blog even before they open a browser. Just catch their interest and you will get another visitor and possibly a regular reader. In addition, you signature automatically changes after each new post added to your blog: if the recipient didn’t like yesterday’s title, maybe he will be interested in the new one?


  • Makes your signature attention-catching by appending it with the title of the last post in your blog and a corresponding link.
  • Updates the signature each time a new post is added making sure that your recipients always see a new interesting link.
  • Assists your SEO. If you contribute to mailing lists, your letters are usually indexed by search engines. Now, instead of the same link to the root of your blog again and again, the search crawlers will find a lot of links to internal pages.

BlogSpreading is free. Simply install it and watch the number of visitors growing.

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